Why you need to use Pinterest for Business

November 20, 2021

When you think of Pinterest, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe recipes, DIY home decor, kids’ activities, or holiday planning?
What if I told you that’s barely a scratch on the surface of the ocean of Pinterest.
And what if I also told you that all of the pins you see on Pinterest are businesses, bloggers, service providers… People just like you who have something to offer the Pinterest user.
This is where Pinterest for business comes into play. If you have something to sell, if you provide a service or an offer, Pinterest can be your number one traffic driver to your website.

Pinterest is an image-based inspirational search engine.

That means it’s not a social media platform. It acts more like Google Search or YouTube.
While you might be using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy consider adding Pinterest in as well and I’ll tell you why next.

So why should you consider Pinterest for business?

1) It’s Free

2) It’s evergreen

3) It’s set up to work perfectly with Google

4) It’s perfect for your opt-ins and freebies

5) It’s not Facebook or Instagram

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It’s Free

It’s FREE and super easy to set up a Pinterest business account. You can be up and running in minutes! Plus sharing your content on Pinterest is free, too. Yes, there are ads (called Pinterest Promoted Pins) but unlike other platforms, it’s 100% possible to find your audience, grow your following, and convert views to clickthroughs and drive traffic to your website without spending any money on ads.

There’s something else, too. Marketing on Pinterest will free up so much of your time. It’s the ultimate “post and ghost” platform. That means you get to publish or schedule your pins on Pinterest and then….leave. That’s right! You don’t have to hang around waiting for people to comment so you can engage with them, you don’t have to follow all these other people and then engage with their content. There’s none of that on Pinterest. Pinners can comment on your pins and you can encourage comments but it’s not a necessary part of the platform to make it work for you.

What you need is a Pinterest Starter Guide AND that’s just what I have for you.

It’s Evergreen

That means your pins stay on the platform FOREVER, ready to be found by the keywords you use on your pins, in your pin title, and your pin descriptions for years and years to come. This is gold, pure gold when it comes to reaching your audience, marketing your business online, and building authentically. With Pinterest you aren’t online all day long nor do you have to worry about your content disappearing or getting lost in the abyss once people stop commenting or clicking on it. What this does mean is Pinterest is not an instant gratification platform. It takes time for the pins to build up momentum but once they do, the amazing Pinterest algorithm will do the work FOR YOU.

It’s Set Up To Work Perfectly With Google

Pinterest and Google work wonderfully together AND Pinterest is already considered quite an authority. That means as you are creating content that works for Pinterest, you are also upping your game with Google and increasing your ranking in search results. Ever noticed when you search for something on Google that Pinterest pins and boards show up at the top of the search results? Pins and boards are optimized to be found by Google!

It’s Perfect For Your Opt-In and Freebie

Pinterest will be your greatest asset when it comes to building and growing your email list. The best way to build your email list is through an opt-in, something you give to your reader for free in exchange for their email address. This can be a cheat sheet, a tutorial, training video, spreadsheet, templates, ebook, journal, planner….so many different options. Pick one, create it in Canva, and get it added to your website and your blog posts, articles, and resource page. Then create pins for this opt-in, publish them to Pinterest under the related boards and BOOM. Those pins will start working for you, showing up in the home feed of those that follow you but more importantly, those that are searching the keywords you used in your pin, pin title and/or pin descriptions.

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It’s Not Facebook Or Instagram

My favorite. And not because I dislike Facebook or Instagram. They are wonderful social media platforms that have their place and do their thing but Pinterest….whole other world. The biggest complaint my clients come to me with is how much time they have to spend on Facebook and especially Instagram and how they just can’t see adding in another platform. They tell me time and time again being online all day long is not where they want to be, that they have so many other things to do in their business.

And I soooo get it. Facebook is super great for building community but it comes with a big drawback. The energy can turn low and negative quite quickly. Plus you have to be on there doing all the things plus making sure you are active in the comments. Instagram is a place people go to live vicariously through someone else. It’s an influencers platform and it’s very demanding, having to always be commenting, following, and engaging to keep up with the algorithms.

What’s so dreamy and REAL about Pinterest is how very little you have to do. The amount of work is a fraction compared to the other platforms. BUT you do need to make sure you have a strategy and are consistent, and by consistency I don’t mean on it for hours a day. Make sure you grab my FREE Pinterest Starter Guide and read my emails to help take the guess work out of being successful on Pinterest.


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What makes Pinterest different from all the other platforms?

#1 reason: The user is there for themselves only. 

People on Pinterest are ready to learn, gather ideas, plan, and purchase. They are not there to comment on posts like on Facebook or live vicariously through somebody else like Instagram. Pinterest does not demand a high amount of engagement with your audience in the form of comments like other platforms.
You Can Actually Grow Your Business Using Pinterest
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So what are you waiting for?

Get started on Pinterest and start growing your business using the best image-based search engine out there. It’s the positive, inspirational, high-vibration environment people are craving right now. Your audience is just waiting to find your pins, see your offers, read your ideas, and learn from you. You can do this! And I am here to help you every step of the way.

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