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You are ready to learn how to use Pinterest in a way that actually works for you and your business.

You are marketing on other platforms and social media but you are exhausted by the constant posting and content creation wheel not to mention the algorithm and no one seeing your posts anymore.

You love the idea of Pinterest but are hesitant because you aren’t sure how you can possibly add another platform to your already super busy schedule.

You want to know how you can build and grow on Pinterest in a way that doesn’t exhaust you, gets you the results, and aligns with your energetic flow…

I’ve got you, my friend.

I’ve created a guide that will walk you through every step of the Pinterest Marketing journey

Let’s get you on track to massive Pinterest success by creating a strategy that matches your energy, your business goals, and supports your authentic soul without stress and burnout of trying to do anything other than what lights your soul on fire.

Conscious Business Building and Pinterest Marketing

When you consciously build a business online that is in alignment with who you are the success comes naturally. It’s fun, lights you up, and doesn’t exhaust you. You don’t have to be anyone other than who you authentically are.

Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool for the soul-led entrepreneur. It’s an inspirational image and video based search engine with social media features. The algorithm is completely different from other platforms.  It’s a place for ideas, motivation, researching, learning, and creating. It’s where people go to get away from the noise and to tap into themselves.

I call it the Introverts Playground and it’s perfect for soulpreneurs who are looking for something other than Facebook and Instagram.

There are 3 main components to Pinterest Marketing:

Keywords, Content, and Consistency. 

This guide shows you how to get it done.


growing your online business authentically and organically

with intention and flow

Conscious business building and Pinterest Marketing go hand in hand, allowing for the authenticity, vulnerability, and connection all of us desire when we engage with each other and ourselves. 

The way Pinterest is set up and how the platform works gives you the space to really learn what your ideal clients need from you. And when you create a Pinterest strategy that takes a conscious look at your business and who your audience is the content flows from you and resonates with their soul.

If you are looking for a low maintenance, chill place to market your online business and find clients that are ready and waiting to take in all the goodness you have to offer Then

Pinterest is the place to be.

And with this Pinterest Strategy guide, you will create a holistic business strategy that sets you up for pinterest success

So who’s

Britni Wige

and what is

Hand In Hand Pinning?

Over the past five years, I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you learn how to use pinterest marketing and how to build an online business consciously and with intention. 


I’ve been in the Pinterest Marketing space since 2013, when I left my corporate job after giving birth to my daughter. I was up in the middle of the night breastfeeding, looking through Pinterest trying to calm my anxiety over quitting my job yet still needing a way to make money. I had been using Pinterest for personal use since 2010 and knew how to use it through and through and absolutely loved it. I decided to search ‘how to make money using Pinterest’ and holy moly did the light bulbs go off, forever changing my life.

I figured out how to be a Pinterest affiliate marketer, started working with a 3rd party company that partnered with Etsy, and taught myself graphic design, Pinterest SEO, and online marketing. Within months I was making enough to keep me home with my daughter and happily driving millions of clicks to Etsy stores ran by women.

Then things changed. The 3rd party company changed their terms of service, Etsy cut ties with them, and I really wanted to connect with women business owners and show them what I had taught myself to do. Thus launching my ‘Done for You’ agency-style Pinterest management company. For 5 years I have helped others grow their online presence, driven millions of clicks to their websites, dramatically grown their email lists, and helped them create and launch their online products and programs.

In 2020 I started getting messages and requests about helping women who want to DIY their Pinterest marketing. They wanted to know if I had a course they could purchase or if I could train them to do what I do but for their business. And that’s how Hand In Hand Pinning was born.

I launched my 1:1 private coaching program in September of 2021 and my monthly membership just for women online business owners in June 2022.

My extensive background in Pinterest marketing, business building, content marketing, web design and my Conscious living lifestyle and authentic networking skills have given me so many experiences that I am so eager to share with you so you, too, can build a successful online business using Pinterest.

But not just any successful online business…my definition of success has little to do with the hustle culture of today.

Success to me is financial viability but also time freedom and doing what you love while taking care of yourself, your family, spending time doing what you want while building and growing a sustainable online business that feeds your soul.

I want to show you how you can build an aligned online business using the ONE online platform that truly allows you to be you, to work with your own energetic flow and avoid social media burnout. 


…this guide is where I’m giving you my exact Pinterest Strategy and Conscious Business Building exercise I use in my 1:1 coaching program and with my Done For You clients. The 44-page printable & fillable Pinterest Strategy Guide (plus a bonus Pinterest Starter Guide) will set the stage for you to explode your Pinterest traffic and start seeing the magic that happens when a powerful search engine is working for you. 

This is more than just a strategy guide. It’s how you get crystal clear on what you want, where you are going, what you have to offer, and how you will show up.

what you will learn

step by step guide to getting your pinterest account set up the right way

Get Down Your business goals & map out your customer’s journey

Learn the biggest mistakes made on Pinterest – and how not to make them

Understand the Pinterest Platform, pin synergy, and how it all works

Discover your ideal customer and who it is you are trying to reach

Determine what content you already have available to use 

Craft a content calendar that feels good to you and moves the needle

create pins that resonate with your brand and speak to your audience

Follow a Simple Pinning schedule for 3 months and stay consistent


IF YOU’RE looking for quick success, pinterest (and this guide) is not it!

I will not sugar coat this nor will I attempt to sell you some bs idea that you will increase your revenue by 100x within 30 days by using Pinterest. That’s a lie, it doesn’t happen. Even with paid ads.

And I am sorry if you have been sold that before. 

Here’s the truth. Pinterest is a slow burn. It takes time to build up your account, for Pinterest to index your pins, and for you to start seeing clicks and conversion. If you are starting a brand new account, on average it takes 6-9 months of consistent pinning. However, consistent doesn’t mean what it means on other platforms plus Pinterest isn’t a social media platform…you don’t have to worry about commenting back and forth and the follow back/comment on posts strategy.

Pinterest is a search engine. There’s no instant gratification here BUT the payoff is a marketing tool that ends up lasting longer and giving you more returns in the long run than any other platform. 

One of my ‘Done for You’ clients has been on a 2 year hiatus. She hasn’t written a single bit of new content while she tends to her mental wellbeing and maps out her next move. But she didn’t want to lose the ground she covered already so I keep her account fresh by creating new pins for old content. She continues to gain over 100 followers every month, gets thousands of clicks to her website, and continues to build her email list. 

Pinterest is still working for her even while she takes a break from creating new content.

Even though instant success on Pinterest is unrealistic there is something that you do get right away. And that’s a deep inner knowing of your business, your audience, who you serve, and how to serve them best.

Pinterest demands really good keyword research and from this research you learn SO MUCH about your audience, how you can help them, and topics you can write about or create products around.

That IS something you get right away and is something you learn by working through my Pinterest Strategy Guide.

This is so much more than learning Pinterest! Come to learn how to optimize Pinterest for your business, stay to really nail your strategy, and build your business intentionally. Awesome course!

Ellen Niemeier

Transformation Coach, Intuitive, Channel, Soul-Led Lifestyle LLC

I’ve really enjoyed working with Britni. She is very knowledgeable and super friendly. I always felt really supported throughout our time working together. My new account went from 7k views a month to 207k views after working with her in just over a month. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to grow their Pinterest account.

Colleen Jeffs

Founder, Business Strategist and Funnels Expert, The Honest Tech Company

I’m someone that has never used Pinterest. Having this course was amazing! It’s broken down in a way that I think is great for beginners and experienced users. Not only is the information great for Pinterest, but for other ways to drive traffic. It helped me get a better understanding of keyword research. Which will continue to help me with my blog. This course has given me a treasure chest of information, and a shortcut to becoming a better blogger and content producer.

Lindsay Warren

Blogger, From Four Legs to Two

This guide is for you, beautiful

You are powerful. You are successful. You are ready.

Hand in hand, we’ll go on a journey that takes you step-by-step through my entire Pinterest Strategy process. I’m giving you a clear roadmap with directions to take you exactly where you want to go at every step:

Pinterest Strategy Guide - 40+ pages

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