Are you ready to take your online business to the next level? If you want to maximize your success and create an authentic business that truly resonates with you, Pinterest can for sure help get you there. When it comes to content marketing, having a plan in place with clear expectations of how you are going to show up is the key. It’s all about consistency and accountability coupled with aligned action and authentic presence using marketing platforms that resonate most with you and your business.  When you take the time to dig deep and map things out, with flexibility woven in, goal setting can put you on a path of aligned action and true success.

Creating a Pinterest Strategy for Your Online Business

When it comes to using a marketing platform like Pinterest, nailing down a strategy is where it’s at. You don’t want to show up tossing out pins whenever you want, hoping something sticks. Because there is no instant gratification on Pinterest, you could be tossing content out there for a long time before you find something that your audience resonates with. Instead, figure out what type of content creation you have to offer, what you love to do, and what you need some help with, and do the research to discover what your audience really needs from you. Then make a plan you can stick with for at least 6 months.
Creating a Pinterest Strategy for your online business
A little secret….the way you market on Pinterest will change many times over before you find the sweet spot. You have to experiment with different ways of getting your content out there until you find the way your ideal audience likes to engage with your pins best. And it doesn’t happen overnight or even within a couple of weeks. The average time with fully optimized pins and with a consistent pinning schedule is 3-6 months. For some niches, it can take closer to 9-12 months.
Pinterest is a long game, a slow burn, but once it gets going things take off FAST.
I know it feels like forever but really it’s a good thing. The reason why is it gives you time to make sure everything else for your business is optimized and ready for traffic, like your website, landing pages, your freebies or opt-ins, and your email list is primed and ready for new eyes. All of this requires consistent effort and learning so really this build-up time on Pinterest is giving you time to grow into the business owner your future self needs you to be.
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So how do you craft your Pinterest strategy?
It starts with your business goals. Take 15-30 mins to walk through the below exercise to help you map out your business goals and decide what you want to promote and share on Pinterest. Having things down on paper, as messy or as organized as your soul desires, helps you to see how the pieces fit together so you can move forward with confidence.

Business Goals and Content Planning Exercise


Business Goals – Write down your big and small goals for the next 12 months. These do not have to be directly related to Pinterest. Remember, Pinterest is the top of your funnel and it filters down into all other aspects of your business from your website, to landing pages, to offers, webinars, email lists, and even other platforms you use to promote your business. Get real with yourself. What do YOU want to happen in your business within the next year?
Brain Dump – Next, write down all the things you have to promote on Pinterest and how often you create or post new products or content. Get specific.
  • List every page on your website
  • Weekly blog post (If you don’t have a blog, I highly recommend starting one. I’ll share more on blogging soon)
  • List out any freebies or opt-ins (Or ideas you have of what you want to create)
  • List out landing pages/sales pages
  • Webinars (or ones you want to host or create)
  • All of your offers and packages
  • Content from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (Pro tip: you can repurpose all of that into Pinterest Idea Pins)
  • All the products you offer (physical and digital)
Create authentic business goals
FINISHED PRODUCT – You now have your goals down on paper and you have a list of all the amazing content to use on Pinterest to help you market your business and drive traffic to your website.

So how do you take your business goals, and your content, and turn that into a Pinterest strategy? You know what you want to achieve, you know what you will create or already have on hand to market on Pinterest….the last bit is to craft a pinning schedule that works for you and helps you get closer to achieving your goals.

There are two main ways to promote content on Pinterest: standard pins and idea pins. I have lots of free resources for you to tap into that cover both. Check them out then decide how you will show up on Pinterest:

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Besides the above blog posts, make sure you follow me on Pinterest and check out the idea pins I have up with loads and loads of bite-size information for you to use and apply right away.

How are you feeling? I find clients usually feel one of two ways….energized and inspired, or overwhelmed and paralyzed.
If you are feeling energized and inspired, great! Keep moving forward! Create the content, create the pins, and shine your light so your audience on Pinterest can find you.
If you are feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed, that’s ok too. It’s important to figure out why, though.  Are you feeling overwhelmed because you feel like you have so much to do or is it because you feel like you don’t know how to do something? Or is there something else going on?
Take some time to intuitively think about how you are feeling. I have some additional resources for you to help you move forward:

Goal-setting for your online business can be a powerful tool for success. It can help you to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and measure progress. With an authentic approach to goal-setting, you can find more enjoyment in the process of achieving your goals. You can also find deeper fulfillment – not just from reaching your goals but also from being true to yourself. So take some time to reflect on what matters most to you and set goals that will guide you there.

with gratitude,

Britni Wige

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