Hi! I’m Britni.

I am a Conscious living, unschooling mom who has a passion for helping other women build their businesses using Pinterest. I say live by your own rules, ditch the shame, blame, and guilt, break free from the culturescape, and step into your feminine power. Let’s rock this life!

“You have the power to be exactly who you want to be, to live the life of your dreams. The trick is to decide what’s holding you back and then decide to make a change and move forward anyways.”





About Hand In Hand Pinning

Hand In Hand Pinning is a safe, supportive, and transformational place for women to learn about Pinterest. Here you will learn how you can grow your business authentically and organically using this inspirational image-based platform without the hustle, overwhelm, comparison game, and stress that comes from using other marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

By being strategic and intentional, you can make Pinterest your #1 traffic driver to your website AND still have all the time for what matters the most to you.

Here at Hand In Hand Pinning, we believe in the divine power of women. We are strong, capable, and worthy of our dreams and desires. We don’t need permission to build our businesses and live our lives. We are a sisterhood of like-minded women who practice living consciously, mindfully, and intentionally, and will not apologize for the passion we feel in our lives.

We are breaking free of the toxic patriarchy by understanding we are co-creators and therefore have the immense power to make the change.


You are WORTHY.

You are CAPABLE.

Now, let’s dig in.


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