Check out these 5 ways to grow your business using Pinterest, build brand awareness, find your audience, and sky-rocket your online business.

Pinterest is a one-stop shop for millions.

We all know Pinterest is great for recipes and DIY. So great that you might even think that’s all there is! Here’s why you might think that….because Pinterest has a super sophisticated algorithm that makes sure content relevant to what you have been searching for finds it’s way in front of you.

This same thing happens for all 478 million monthly Pinterest users. And they aren’t all searching for just recipes and DIY. Pinterest has a vast array of industries and they are adding more and more topics every single day. It’s truly a one-stop shop platform for millions. It’s the perfect place to share your online business, whether it’s a product based or service based business, or maybe you are an author or you create digital downloads.

If you are a content creator you NEED to be on Pinterest.


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So how do you get in front of close to 1/2 millions Pinterest users from all over the world? You make sure you are practicing Pinterest best practices. Check out the TOP 5 things you need to be doing right now on Pinterest to grow your business.

5 must know tips for pinterest marketing - Pinterest for beginners

1. Make sure you have a Pinterest Business Account.

The first thing you need to make sure you have is a Pinterest business account. This is a free upgrade from your personal account or you can create a brand new account as a business account right off the bat. This is important for a couple of reasons. A Pinterest business account allows you to link your website to your profile and pull in metadata from images saved from your website to Pinterest.

You’re also able to track your pins and get some pretty good analytics on them. Plus a business account allows you to be eligible for things like the Verified Merchant program, product shop pages, and catalogs, plus the super helpful Pinterest Business Community.

2. Build a keyword bank so you practice Pinterest SEO.

This is something I do with all of my clients and is a large component of my signature Pinterest 101: Deep Dive course. Pinterest is a search engine which means it’s run by keywords and search terms put into the search bar. If you aren’t using the words Pinterest users are using to find what they are looking for, they aren’t going to find you.

To maximize your reach (and your time) creating a solid keyword bank full of short and longtail keywords you have researched and double-checked using Pinterest itself is an invaluable asset to your marketing strategy. Pinterest keywords and search terms aren’t just for Pinterest. You will find Pinterest touches all parts of online marketing.

3. Create Idea Pins that teach your audience.

Idea pins are the new way of creating pins and getting your content out there in the search results. They originally launched as story pins but quickly changed the name to better suit their purpose. The point of ideas pins are to teach your audience something. They are already in discovery mode, they are wanting information, to learn, to be inspired, and to find that perfect thing they have been looking for, whether it’s a product, service, or blog post. Create Idea pins several times a week to dramatically increase your audience, build brand awareness, gain followers, and drive people to your profile and then to your website.

4. Stay consistent by creating a pinning schedule.

Consistency is the name of the game on any platform but the difference between Pinterest and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is you only have to spend a fraction of the time on the platform and your content will go further than on the others because it’s a search engine. Your pins never expire on Pinterest and they will be found for years to come giving you great organic traffic.

5. Always be creating relevant content.

Pinterest being a search engine, it’s also important to make sure you are creating content people are actually searching for. You can create the most beautiful pins, the most informative blog post, or have the best product but if you aren’t writing about it using words people are using to search then your content will struggle to be found. Pinterest has lots of different ways to check in on what’s being searched. A favorite tool of mine, besides the actual search bar, is Pinterest Trends. You are able to compare search terms and Pinterest gives you related trending ideas. There are also Pinterest Point and Pinterest Predictions.

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