Building an online business and growing through content marketing and using platforms like Pinterest and social media can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing this business thing on your own. As a soulpreneur, you are already in the heart and mind space to see things holistically and to move forward with intention. This list of 13 different marketing tools will help you with your Pinterest marketing and also all other aspects of your conscious business-building journey.
Note: This post contains affiliate links. I am not an affiliate for many companies and only for ones I use and couldn’t do this business thing without. Should you join or purchase using my link I might receive a referral bonus at no extra cost to you.
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13 Pinterest and online marketing tools for conscious business building that will help you see the Pinterest success you deserve!


1. Pinterest Guided Search Bar

This is the #1 place to find keywords and phrases currently being searched on Pinterest. It’s super easy to use. You just click on the search bar and start entering what you are looking for.  You access the guided search by typing into the Pinterest search bar and allowing the drop-down to appear. Don’t click enter or return, just start typing and see what comes up. You will see lots of variations of what you are typing in. Pinterest users will oftentimes choose from this list. You want to make sure you use the keyword phrases as board titles, in your board descriptions, as text overlay on your pins, in your pin title, pin descriptions, and in the file name of the image you upload to Pinterest. You also need to make sure you use these Pinterest keywords and phrases on your website, in your blog posts, and the copy you add to your marketing content.
You can go deeper into keyword research to find additional words to add to the keyword phrase by pressing enter/return to get to the search results. Look at the top. Do you see any colored bubbles with words or phrases in them? These are filter buttons that will add the word to the main phrase you searched, giving you a long-tail search term. These are phrases you want to use on your pins and in your pin copy.
Not only is the Guided Search Bar great for finding pins, but it can also help you improve your Pinterest SEO. By using relevant keywords, you can ensure that your pins show up in search results more often. And when people see your pins, they’re more likely to click through to your website or blog.
PRO TIP: More and more platforms are moving to search and discovery. They see the success of Google, Pinterest, and Youtube. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok will always be social media platforms but they are also making some pretty big moves towards building a robust search bar so using Pinterest keywords that oftentimes are also used in Google searches will transfer over to other platforms as well.
The best way to be efficient with this process is to do some keyword research on each topic before you start creating pins. I work with my clients extensively and concentrate A LOT on keyword research inside the Hand In Hand Pinning Membership. It’s a vital pillar of Pinterest marketing.
Check out this blog post for more information on Pinterest keywords:

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2. Pinterest Trends Tool

The Pinterest Trends Tool is an awesome free tool  to learn about popular keywords and topics. By understanding what people are searching for on Pinterest, you can optimize your pins and boards to attract more viewers.
Something to keep in mind….the top industries are food, holidays, home decor, and beauty and fashion. That’s most likely what you will see trending but that doesn’t mean your industry isn’t trending in itself or that your audience isn’t on Pinterest. Use the keyword filter on the left-hand side or use the general Trends Tool search bar at the top to search topical keywords within your niche. Don’t compare the big industries to yours, beautiful friend. They are apples and oranges (unless, of course, that’s your industry!) What you can do is use the big trends to come up with ideas of what your customer or ideal client is currently going through and use that to create content that speaks to her, meeting her where she’s at.
To use the Trends Tool, simply enter a keyword or topic into the search bar. Pinterest will then show you how popular that term is, as well as related keywords and terms. You can also see how search volume has changed over time, which can give you insights into seasonal trends. You can compare up to four search terms.
This information can be useful for both pinning and SEO purposes. For example, if you see that a particular keyword is becoming more popular, you can create pins around that topic. You can also use popular keywords in your board descriptions and profile to help attract more followers.
13 Marketing Tools You Need for Your Spiritual Business

3. Pinterest Ads – Interests and Keywords Tool

There’s a tool inside the Pinterest Ads tool that is phenomenal for keyword research. It’s free to use, you don’t have to create an ad or add your credit card info to use it.
Here’s how you access that tool (available on desktop only):
  • At the top of your account, click on Ads then Create Campaign
  • Under Choose a campaign objective, click Brand Awareness
  • Leave everything else as is and click Continue at the bottom (Do not click the red Publish Button)
  • Under Targeting details and Targeting strategy, select Find new customers
  • Expand the Interests and Keywords section
This is a great place to see how Pinterest catalogs different topics and keywords. This is a very broad topic search so don’t worry if nothing comes up. Use this tab to see where your industry lives under the different Pinterest categories
This is where you will find the keywords used based on live searches on Pinterest. Play around with what you enter in the search. Keep it broad at first, just like you do with the guided search, and see what auto-populates. The number of searches is based on monthly searches and doesn’t mean that’s how many people will see your pins. The numbers simply show you there’s an audience on Pinterest and what you have to tap into.
It’s the keyword phrases that are particularly useful. Jot down the phrases you come across and add them to your keyword bank. Use them just like you use the keywords you find in the guided search bar.

4. Pinterest Interest Tags

Researching the interest tags Pinterest has attached to published pins is one of my favorite ways to find out how my pins are being seen on Pinterest. This is something you do after you’ve published your pins. You want to wait 3-4 weeks to give Pinterest time to index your pin. I don’t check every single pin. I don’t find that to be a good use of my time. Instead, I check only the pins that are getting some engagement, so clicks and saves. You can check all types of pins to see how they are being indexed and under what categories. You can even check other pins from profiles within your industry to see how they are being indexed. BIG BONUS THERE!

How to check for interest tags (this only works on desktop)
From your Pinterest, click on the pin you want to check. Copy the URL of that pin then open up an Incognito window. Paste the pin URL and press Enter/Return.
Scroll down and look under the pin description. If you are searching an Idea pin, you might have to scroll within the description to the end of the copy. If it’s been indexed you will see several categories or tags. These are the interest tags.
Write down the ones that are applicable to your business. Use these just like you use keywords. Use a mixture of keyword phrases and interest tags for the best Pinterest SEO.

5. Pinterest Analytics

Knowing your numbers is super important. You have to know what’s going on so you know when to do more or when to change things up. Since Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, you go by the numbers to get to know your audience and give them more of what they want.
Pinterest gives some amazing analytics that tells you how many times your pins are showing up in the search results and on-screen (Impressions), how many times your pins are clicked on and saved (Engagement), and how many followers and profile visits you are getting from each pin.
You can access pin analytics in a couple of different ways:
Overall Analytics – At the top of your Pinterest account click on Analytics then Overview. You can change the date range, switch between different styles of pins, and check all the different metrics provided for the pins to help tell the story of how your account and individual pins are resonating with your audience.
Individual Pin Analytics – You can check out and evaluate the lifetime analytics of individual pins by clicking on the pin and then clicking “See more stats”. This will tell you the impressions, the pin clicks, the saves, the outbound clicks, the follows, and the profile visits plus show you a graph so you can see the tend over the year and the individual boards other users saved your pin to.
There’s a lot here and you could spend days and days in there looking at all the numbers. I recommend doing deep-dive analytics research into high-performing pins every 3-4 months.
On a weekly or monthly basis, the numbers you want to pay attention to are the impressions, the clicks, and the saves. If the impressions are high and the clicks are low that means your audience is finding your pins in the search results and your keywords are good but they aren’t resonating with your pin design or image enough to click and engage with it. Saves tell the health of the pin and are really important to Pinterest. They are also the hardest metric to get. It takes time and honing in on what your audience likes and is interested in. When you get saves, celebrate that! And do more of whatever it is you did, talked about, or promoted.
Overall, the data you get from Pinterest is invaluable for optimizing your Pinterest marketing strategy and making sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. It can be overwhelming and also disappointing when you don’t see the numbers you were hoping for. Pinterest marketing requires patience. Stay consistent, trust the process, and know your numbers. (And join Hand In Hand Pinning so we can talk about your numbers in depth)

6. Google Analytics

I find most of my clients don’t know what Google Analytics is when they first start working with me and have no idea just how vitally important it is to make sure this is set up and working correctly. It’s a free tool that allows you to track your website traffic and understand where traffic is coming from. You can use Google Analytics to track the performance of your Pinterest pins and see how they impact your overall website traffic. With this data, you can optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy for better results. Additionally, Google Analytics can help you improve your website’s SEO by identifying which outlets are driving traffic to your site and which pages and posts users are clicking on. By understanding how people are finding and using your website, you can make sure that your content is visible in search engines and attract more visitors.
Depending on what host provider you use for your website will depend on how you set things up. I highly recommend checking in with your host provider and asking how to set up Google Analytics. You will be so happy you did.

7. Google Search Console

This is another free tool offered by Google that is invaluable. Google Search Console and Google Analytics go hand-in-hand. Google Analytics tells you the numbers whereas Google Search Console tells you the searches and how your website is performing. You need to be tracking your progress in Google Search Console.
This is another tool I recommend you ask your host provider about. Depending on whom you use will depend on how you set it up.
Online Marketing Tools for Conscious Business Building

8. Google Drive

If you have a Gmail account, this is a free tool that is worth gold. I absolutely love using Google Drive to organize, save, and share all my business-related documents and information. I can access my drive from my phone making it super easy to store idea pin slides and copy to folders then upload them to my phone and copy and paste the pin descriptions in the right spot that way everything is typed out beforehand. Google Drive saves me so much time. It’s crazy it’s free!
I use Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Forms for my business.
I also share docs and files between my clients and the members inside the Hand In Hand Pinning Membership.
Once you have the Folders set up you are able to organize everything so it’s literally at your fingertips whenever you need it.

9. Evernote

There’s a free version, which is super good and one I used for years, and then there’s the paid version that allows you to sync between the desktop version and the mobile app. I write everything down in Evernote, including my blog posts before I transfer them over to my website and hit publish.
I also use Evernote to record voice snippets, ideas, and thoughts that come to me while I am on my daily walk or when I am listing to a podcast, webinar, or course.
I take notes, jot down ideas, attached images, turn images into PDF files, map out marketing material, and keep track of all things business and marketing inside my Evernote. LOVE it!

10. Canva (free and paid version)

There’s no way I could run my business without Canva. I have been with Canva for close to 9 years now. It is phenomenal and it keeps getting better and better with every new feature they add to it.
PLUS it’s woman-owned!
Canva takes the guesswork out of graphic design. It allows you to quickly and effortlessly create stunning marketing material for all aspects of your business. Literally, everything you create for your business that has to do with digital marketing can be created in Canva. It’s a one-stop shop, really.
You have all the design elements, fonts, and templates you could ever ask for plus all the royalty-free images and rights to video and audio. This is huge in a world where you never know if you really can use something you get off the internet. Intellectual property laws are a real thing, my friend. It’s super important you make sure you are allowed to use an image, video, or audio. Canva covers that for you.
You can share and schedule directly from Canva making it seamless to go from creating to publishing. Plus you can create a content calendar and keep everything in-house so you are organized and productive.
The free version gets you a lot but the Plus version is where it’s at. And it’s a very small monthly cost considering what you are getting.
13 Pinterest and Online Marketing Tools for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

11. Answer The Public (3 free searches a day)

If you’re looking to improve your content marketing strategy, one tool you should definitely consider is This free online tool allows you to enter a keyword or phrase and then generates a list of questions that people are commonly searching for.
You can get hundreds of content ideas from just one search. These are actual questions people are asking in Google giving you a massive opportunity to create content based on what their needs and desires are.  If you have exhausted your audience or maybe you don’t have one yet to tap into and ask them what they are looking for, Answer the Public makes it super easy to find out what the top questions are based on keywords and topics.
Just make sure you change the region to your country. It defaults to the United Kingdom (it’s a UK based company).

12. Inspired Stock Shop

When I first found Inspired Stock Shop I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and it was a no-brainer purchase for me. It renews every 3 months (or there’s an annual plan) and new images, training, and marketing material are uploaded and released on a monthly basis.

Imagery is everything to a brand, especially when you are using visual search engines like Pinterest. It’s so important you craft an experience that really tells the story of who you are and what your business is all about. And for us spiritual entrepreneurs, that can sometimes be difficult to do. We want images that speak to our ideal client’s soul, resonate with them on a higher level, speak to their energy, and know they are in the right place. Every single image I see on Inspired Stock Shop does that.
The images are absolutely stunning and hands down perfect for anyone in the spiritual, metaphysical, mindfulness, and alternative health and wellness space.

13. Flodesk

There are lots of email marketing management companies out there. There are lots that are more robust and provide lots of perks and features but here’s why I use Flodesk to send out my emails:
  • The templates are stunning and allow me to create visually appealing emails every single time. This is super important to me since my business is all about captivating my audience through images. I have yet to find another email marketing tool that comes anywhere near the customization and beauty that Flodesk offers.
  • It’s super easy to use. I am able to set up segments, forms, and workflows with ease. I’ve introduced and walked many non-techy clients through Flodesk and they were blown away by how easy it was and how quickly they were able to get themselves set up. Most had used other platforms and were in tears because it was so difficult and way beyond their tech ability. Flodesk is a breath of fresh air and beauty.
  • It’s so very affordable. Plus if you USE MY LINK, you get it at $19/mo. That’s UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for $19 a month. 
Those are the TOP 13 Marketing Tools I use to run my coaching business with great success and with ease that aligns with who I am and my energetic flow.
I use them to not only grow my business but also help my clients and the women inside my membership grow their businesses.
Which one are you most excited to check out? Are there ones you already use?
I would love to know! Leave me a comment!

with gratitude,

Britni Wige

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